Repair Service

 We provide repair services from collection and delivery back to your doorsteps. We guarantee 100% satisfaction for your instrument servicing at a very affordable price. Call us for a quote.

  1. Some of the services we provide include:
  2. Chemical Cleaning / Polishing
  3. Servicing, Alignment & Regulation
  4. Level & Key Cork Replacement
  5. Spring Replacement
  6. Neck Tenon Fitting
  7. Piston Valve & Casing Repair
  8. Rotor Valve & Casing Repair
  9. Rotor Valve Stringing inclusive of String
  10. Trombone Slide Alignment
  11. Dent Removal
  12. Stuck Slides Removal
  13. Stuck Mouthpiece Removal
  14. Soft Soldering
  15. Worn out or Broken Parts Replacement

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